Truckmail offers

Sales Assessment, sale, purchase, financing, consulting & cooperation

Estimated sales price

TruckMail provides you with an estimated market price on your Truck and Trailer. With more than 30 years of experience within the trucking industry, TruckMail knows what the customer wants.

TruckMail handles the valuation, advertising and sales of your transport equipment. Furthermore, TruckMail handles all presentations to potential buyers, so you can keep using your Truck and Trailer with no concerns, until the sale is executed.

TruckMail primarily sells transport equipment for customers at Zealand and the surrounding islands.


Are you looking for transport equipment with immediate delivery, TruckMail is your future partner. TruckMail knows the market and all the different opportunities.


TruckMail offers impartial counselling of financing/leasing and has a lot of knowledge about leasing companies that finances used Truck and Trailer.


TruckMail offers impartial counselling regarding valuation, purchase, sales and financing/leasing of Truck and Trailer.


TruckMail collaborates with all relevant parties within the trucking industry and no tasks are too big or too small.