About Truckmail

Let's tell you a little about us


TruckMail was founded as a sole proprietor July 1st, 2014 with operations from August 1st, 2014

Cvr - Central Business Register: 35951695

Activity code: 45.19.20

Area of work

TruckMail is your preferred business mediator of Truck and Trailer and meets you as a customer where the job is. TruckMail operates primarily in Zealand and the surrounding islands, although the sale of your product has no national frontier.

The presentation of your product

The promotional material is highly exclusive and is advertised in all relevant media in order to generate the best opportunities for the sale.

Only in the customer's interest

Contrary to dealers and buyers of Truck and Trailer, TruckMail only acts in favour of your interests. TruckMail spends all of its sales focused on your Truck and Trailer and is your preferred advisor within the Truck and Trailer market.

Your advantages

When you choose to sell or buy your Truck and Trailer using TruckMail, the costs are considerably lower than via a dealer, because TruckMail has no expenses regarding preparations, inventory or warehouse costs. This also benefits you as the truck won't be inoperative for any period of time and the current owner will keep it in repair.

In conclusion, TruckMail charges a low fee, because it is a sole proprietor with low operating costs resulting in a great price for both the seller and the buyer.


TruckMail has no competitors and works closely together with all interested parties in the market of sales of Truck and Trailer. Furthermore, TruckMail works independently and has no conflict of interests.


The owner and founder of TruckMail, Cliff Hofman, initiated his career in the trucking industry in 1986 at the Scania workshop H.E. Jørgensen. After his apprenticeship, he briefly joined the workshop at the Kjærgaard brothers, also known as TEVA Trucking.

He then spend a period of time at the approved Scania dealer Copenhagen Diesel founded by his father Jørgen Hofman.

In 1991 he travelled to USA and worked for Scania at a trucking company in Connecticut, also selling Peterbilt. In 1992, he returned to Denmark and began his career as a trucking salesman in the family company, today known as Nyscan. It is an approved Scania dealer, owned by the Hofman brothers, since their father passed away.

Working with sales the past 25 years, Cliff has developed several skills and fulfilled many different roles; Sales Coordinator, Key Account Manager and Sales Manager.


Personally, Cliff has sold more than 1,200 trucks in his career as a salesman. This is one of his greatest strengths in working with selling your transport equipment.

Truckmail welcomes you and looks forward to working with you as a customer.



Best regards



Cliff Hofman

Date. 1.07.2017.